Frequently asked Questions


Q. How do you take payment?
A. I accept PayPal (at my e-mail address), checks and money orders. Checks and     money orders must be made out simply to "Neil Clague" or they will be returned.
Q. When do I pay for my LDC?
A. You have to pay to have your order entered on my books.
Q. Where do I send the payment to?
A. Neil Clague
    8531 East Rd.
    Redwood Valley, CA 95470
Q. Do you give refunds if I have to cancel my order?
A. Because each LDC/shroud is custom made to order, I have changed my policy to
    no longer offer refunds/cancellations on orders once payment has been made. Orders
    placed after 9 February, 2014 will be subject to this new policy. I have effected this
    policy because it takes time to process and complete each order, and I must be fair to     all of my customers who have ordered in earnest.
Q. Can I change my order after I have made it?
A. Yes you can if it has not been started. If it has been started I will sell it on the yellow     forum and then make your new one once it has sold.
Q. If I pay extra can I have my LDC sooner?
A. Sorry but I do not do that; they are made in the order they are entered in my books,     unless I am waiting for special materials for that item.
Q. Why is it so hard to get hold of you by phone?
A. I prefer contact via e-mail. I do not answer the phone while I am in the shop working     on the lathe, as it is distracting and can be dangerous.
Q. Would you make an LDC for my 22 rifle (firearm)?
A. That is a very definite NO. My LDC's are designed and manufactured for use on airguns     only. If you want a firearms suppressor, please contact a Class 3 dealer for more     information on purchasing an NFA item.
Q. When can I expect to receive my LDC?
A. I give an expected date when you place the order, I ask that you be patient and let me     do my work to get through my orders as fast as possible. E-mailing me asking if it has     been started yet slows my progress down and puts everyone further behind. I will     notify you when it is done and ready to ship.